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Details on

"Your Recipe" Training

What We Cover In "Your Recipe" Plans

Our Goals

Mental Focus

Change your methods

We want our plans giving you the most insight and a mental readjustment of "I can do this". You can achieve anything you put your mind to, let us help you get there. 


I am the Best

Who is your competition? Yourself. 

Lets get you the confidence to push through all of your fears and struggles with trapshooting so you can say "I'm the best".

Hit Goals

Where do you want to be?

Crush your goals, and set higher expectations. Thats what we want to see from your experience with us. Lets make this dream a reality!

What you need to perform

We want you being 100% ready for shooting, and often times theres a lot of things people will overlook that make you struggle when you get on the line to shoot. 



We want you developing your mental game a step further, we will go over tools like "perfect practice" and others that will give you insight on the mental approach you need. 

Your specific shooting style

We will specifically address these fundamentals such as footwork, holdpoint, etc to give you options on things to try, and why they hold such a high level of importance for shooters. 

Applying this

for yourself

We take all of the sections (and more in the outline and discussion), then help you apply everything when you shoot to connect the pieces to make everything click.

Learn from the best



Shooting Instructor

-ATA All American

-1,100 x 1,100 Co-Champion with LH3 for 2008 Singles C.T.C.

-Numerous State and National Titles




Shooting Instructor

-ATA All American

-2011 Doubles C.T.C

-High Doubles Average 

-Long run singles record




Shooting Instructor

-Mental Mindset "GURU"

-Helped hundreds of shooters reach their highest potential




Earplugs & Engraving

-Earplugs "GURU"

-Fine works of engraving

-Bartholow Engraving & Awards

Whats Included In the "Your Recipe" Plans, and what should I expect for results?

We want you getting the most out of a personalized "Your Recipe" shooting plan. We want you2 not only becoming a better shooter by learning things on the field, but also learning about how to mentally prepare before you leave the house to after you step off the line.

When you purchase a "Your Recipe" Shooting Plan, we will either sit down or chat on the phone about your goals, issues/struggles, and other mental factors that might be hurting your learning curve and getting you to shooting the scores you want. 

After our discussion, plan on receiving a detailed plan for the first 2 weeks on training, a checklist on things to go through, and potentially a little homework on methods. This will help motivate and get you on the right track to shooting the best scores of your life. 

After the first 2 weeks, we will modify the shooting plan based on your shooting improvements.

If you purchase a "Summer Plan " (3 month plan), we will be working with you during those three months to get your averages up to where you set your goals.  


We always tell everyone to set realistic goals to achieve. Don't expect to learn years of knowledge in a month (or three)!  Our plans will set you on the right path to learn years of experience and knowledge in a short time, but untimately it is up to YOU to take this knowledge and apply it for yourself. 

We have personally seen great results with shooters who have purchased a shooting plan in conjunction with a shooting clinic. 

Again, this is about making YOU a better shooter. We will do what we can to help you acheive your goals. 

Ready to do this?

Let's get you shooting your best scores!


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