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SUNDAY (April 7th)

Apr 06, 2024, 9:00 AM CDT – Apr 07, 2024, 4:00 PM CDT
Izaak Walton Youth Trapshooting Clinic,
1200 Izaak Walton Rd, Pierre, SD 57501, USA

You've asked for it, now it's available. We will be hosting private shooting clinics that will give you a valuable insight on things such as eye dominace, gun patterning, footwork and hold points, along with a mental section to make you a better shooter, these will be hosted in smaller classes so YOU  get the most out of your time at the clinic. 


Our Story...

Foster and Matt -- the Bartholow Brothers --started shooting competitively in 2003 at the Rapid City Trap Club. In 2006, both Foster and Matt were part of the National Champion SCTP Sr. Experienced team.

Foster has been named to the ATA All American team 3 times, and Matt has made the team 7 times.

With a long list of state, national, and world titles under their belt, both know how to get the job done under extreme pressure.

They are not just competitive trap shooters though. Matt and Foster live the outdoor lifestyle. They are hunters as well as shooters.

Both Foster and Matt love helping others, and have spent years developing a plan they call "Your recipe" to advance even the most skilled shooters in any shooting sport from around the world. 

Click the link below to learn more about the Bartholow Brothers Story.

Our Alumni


We are truly passionate about shooting and how to make you a better shooter. We want our interactions and clinics to be a positive experince where you, the shooter, feels more confirdent when on the line shooting. 

Colton Sherman

-ATA All-American Shooter

"Not only can the Bartholow Brothers shoot, they can teach. Having shot thousands of targets before seeking coaching I was set in my ways, but willing to listen. Spending a few hours with Matt, Foster, and Buddy I received critiques I would have never been able to notice on my own. Needless to say this helped me improve my game greatly. Their style of coaching is the most complete I have ever experienced. From preparation before I leave my house to shoot an event to firing my last shell of the day their coaching style fulfills every aspect of the game."

Matt Barnard

-Elite ATA Trapshooter & Coach

"I am Matt Barnard, and am an assistant coach for the MITCHELL High School Trap Team. This past summer, our team was able to attend the Bartholow Family Shooting Clinic in Pierre, South Dakota. In the several hours we were there, our young shooters received instruction and pointers from Foster, Matt, and thier father, Buddy. Proper gun mount, stance, follow through were all addressed. We feel that seminar was the highlight of our shooting summer, and would recommend any individual or team to attend. The knowledge and instructions given were priceless!!! Thank you to the Bartholow family for all you have done!"



-ATA Trapshooter & Coach

I have been on both ends of the spectrum with the Bartholow family, from helping at clinics with them to being a student myself. Their style of helping each individual shooter find their own recipe is unequaled.  No two shooters are alike and these two boys and their dad work with each individual to get them where they need to be. If you have a question they will answer in an easy to understand form. As you spend time with them you understand their passion for the sport and it becomes addictive. And if you need help they are only a text away.

Ben Schlatter

-ATA All-American Trapshooter

My final year in the Sub Junior category this past year had me aiming for All American. I went to a Bartholow Shooting Clinic at my local club, in Southeast Iowa, my first year of shooting and they helped me with the basics of trap shooting. Two years later, I needed help fine-tuning my shots, and for someone to look for my little inconsistencies. I traveled to South Dakota in April for another clinic.  I was thankful for the one-on-one help I received. It was exactly what I needed! The Bartholow team was quick to pick up on little things I was doing that I could improve on. Being a one-eyed-shooter myself, it was great to be helped by another one-eyed-shooter. Besides the help with my shooting, I was thankful for the help Buddy gave me on my mental game. I left the clinic confident. Luckily, before The Grand I was able to attend another Bartholow Clinic, again in Iowa. It was a good refresher before the final competition of the 2019 season for me. They worked with me on my shooting, reminded me of the importance of taking care of myself with sleeping and eating well, and to not to take my eye off the goal of becoming an All American. Their confidence in me and encouragement was one of the many reasons I was able to reach my goal this year, first team sub junior All American 2020.

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