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Details on Our

"We Are 1" Training

What We Cover In Our Shooting Clinics

Shooting Fundamentals

The Basics, but things that might get looked over when out shooting. We give you insights on what you might be missing, and why.



You'll sit through a section called "Your Recipe", where you'll learn and can write down notes to create Your Recipe. 

Eyes, Footwork and Holdpoint

We will specifically address these fundamentals in our clinic, and why they hold such a high level of importance for shooters. 

Applying this

for yourself

We take all of the sections (and more in the clinic), then watch you shoot and help connect the pieces to make everything click



Shooting Instructor

-ATA All American

-1,100 x 1,100 Co-Champion with LH3 for 2008 Singles C.T.C.

-Numerous State and National Titles




Shooting Instructor

-ATA All American

-2011 Doubles C.T.C

-High Doubles Average 

-Long run singles record




Shooting Instructor

-Mental Mindset "GURU"

-Helped hundreds of shooters reach their highest potential




Earplugs & Engraving

-Earplugs "GURU"

-Fine works of engraving

-Bartholow Engraving & Awards

Our Goals

Mental Focus

Change your thoughts

We want you coming out of our clinics with a mental readjustment of "I can do this". You can achieve anything you put your mind to, let us help you get there. 


I am the Best

Who is your competition? Yourself. 

Lets get you the confidence to push through all of your fears and struggles with trapshooting so you can say "I'm the best".

Hit Goals

Where do you want to be?

Crush your goals, and set higher expectations. Thats what we want to see from your experience with us. Let's make this dream a reality!

Whats Included In the 1 and 2 day "We Are 1" Shooting Clinics, and what should I bring with?

We provide access to the club, lunch, as well as an experince that will be full of learning and growth tailored to a small group so everyone gets the most learning out of their time.


We do not cover the expenses of targets/practice and shells. We reccomend you bringing your own gun, however, if you prefer to try out one of our Browning Arsenal guns, we will be more than happy to arrange that.

We want you getting the most out of these clinics, not only becoming a better shooter by learning things on the field, but also learning about how to mentally prepare before you leave the house to after you step off the line.


Our weather here in Rapid City can be unpredictable, so we reccomend you checking the weather before coming out to make sure you are 100% ready when you get out here. We do have a local Scheels, Cabelas,and Wal-Mart, so there are options in case there are things that were forgotten or last minute items.

If flying, we reccomend purchasing travel insurance, with the unpredictability of weather, there is always a chance the clinic could be cancelled. If this is the case, the small fee of insurance would be well worth it. We will have a back-up date if there is bad weather during the clinic date. 

Hotels are plentiful in Rapid City, feel free to book at your choosing. The Rapid City Trap Club is located near the south end of town. 


Please have a rental car/transportation booked, we will not be responsible for picking you up unless discussed prior to clinic. Theres a lot to see here in the beautiful Black Hills of SD. We recommend you taking a day or two extra to see sites such as Mount Rushmore, Sturgis Bike Rally location, the Badlands, Deadwood, etc... 

Please plan on bringing items like: Gun, Vest, Bag, Hearing & Eye protection, shells, a list of questions you have for us, as well as some problem areas and areas to focus on/what your goals are for the clinic, sunscreen, bugspray, rain jacket/wether appropriate attire. Again, we do have a local Scheels, Cabelas,and Wal-Mart, so there are plenty of options in case there are things that were forgotten.

If there are any other questions, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page for more information. 

Ready to do this?

Lets get you shooting your best scores!

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