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Personal Accomplishments



2020 Grand Performance



Event 3- Little Egypt Golf Car Doubles- Event Champion 100x100

             Event 6- Precision Fit Stocks Doubles- Event Champion 100x100

             Event 9- Kolar Doubles- AAA Champion- 99x100

           Event 10- NRA Singles- AAA third place- 100x100

          Event 11- Krieghoff 100 Handicap- Event 4th- 99x100

            Event 12- Rio Ammo Doubles- AAA Runnerup 99x100

 Event 14- Dawson Enterprises Doubles- Event runnerup 100x100

    Event 21- ATA World Clay Target Championship- Event runnerup 200x200

           EZ Go HAA Preliminary- Event Champion- 299x300

         Negrini Preliminary HOA 900- AAA Runnerup 877x900

            QMaxx Super 500 Doubles- Event Champion 498x500

            White Flyer HOA 1400 Targets- AAA Champion- 1363x1400

            National Team Race- Champions Team SD 292x300 (Foster)


2019 Grand Performance

Event 1- Hodgdon Powder Singles—Foster- Event third

Event 2- Trap & Field Handicap – Matt- 27 yard third

Event 3- Little Egypt Golf Cars Doubles – Matt- Event runner up

Event 4- Mec Outdoors Singles – Foster- AAA Champion

Event 5- Trapshooting USA Handicap – Matt- Event eighth

​​​​​​Foster – 27 yard runner up

Event 6- Zoli International Doubles – Matt- Event runner up

Event 7- Sterling Cut Glass Singles – Foster- AAA third

Event 8- Gipson Ricketts Handicap – Matt- Event runner up

Event 9- Kolar Doubles – Matt- Event third

Event 14- Dawson Enterprises Doubles – Matt- Event runner up

Event 16- President Terry Dean Handicap presented by Perazzi—Foster- Event Champion

​​​​​​​​​​Matt- 27 yard third

Event 17- Wenig Doubles Class Championship – Matt- AAA fourth

Event 19- Challenger Ammunition Handicap – Matt- Event runner up

Event 20- Kubota Doubles – Matt- Event runner up

Event 21- ATA World Clay Target Championship by Browning -- Matt- AAA fifth

Event 22- ATA World Doubles Championship by Federal – Matt- AAA Champion

Event 24- Remington Grand American Handicap – Matt- 27 yard fourth

ATA 2600 HOA Championship by White Flyer – Matt- Event Champion 

                                                                                      -   Foster-AAA Runner-up 


ATA HOA by Prize Possessions 1000 – Matt- Event runner up

ATA World HAA by EZ Go Grand week – Matt- AAA Champion

EZ Go HAA Preliminary Week – Matt- AAA third

Millennium Luxury Coaches Super 500 Handicap – Matt- Event runner up

Negrini Preliminary HOA 1000 – Matt- Event Champion

QMaxx Super 500 Doubles – Matt- Event Champion

White Flyer HOA 1500- preliminary week – Matt- Event Champion

Winchester Super 500 Singles – Foster- AAA runner up

National Team race- concurrent with events 7,8 and 9—Team SD- Champions


*Matt WON the 2021 World Doubles Championship*

*Matt placed 3rd overall in the Singles Clay Target Championship in 2021*

*Matt was the 2013 Clay Target Championship Runner up and was the Sub Jr. Clay Target Champ in 2005*

*Matt was the 2011 Grand Doubles Champion. He also won the 2008 Grand Doubles Championship in the Jr. category*

*Matt has the second long run in registered doubles with 910 broken doubles targets in 2017 and 2018. He also holds the record for the second longest run in singles with an 1840 consecutive registered targets broken*

*Matt won the 2600 HOA in 2019 with a 2553/2600. He won the 2600 in 2017 with 2556/2600. He won runner up in the 2600 in 2018 (2551) and in 2012 with 2525*

*Matt won the Winchester Super 500 Singles in 2013*

*Matt won the Super 500 Doubles in 2008 (Jr. Champ), 2009, 2012, 2013, 2018 and 2019. He took runner up in 2015 and 2016*

*Matt won the Super 500 Handicap in 2017*

*Matt has the high Doubles average in the ATA with an average of .9882. This is the 4th year in a row that he has won the award and the sixth time he won in 8 years*

*Matt also carries the high Handicap average with a .9647 for 2019*

*Matt’s Single Average is .9907 for the 2019 shooting year*

*Matt was named Mr. August by Trap & Field magazine this year for his great showing at the Grand 2019. This is the second time that Matt has been recognized, as he held the honor in 2013 as well*


















*In 2008, Foster was named Co-Champion along with Leo Harrison III for the Clay Target Championship, after a total of 1100 targets straight (200 in the CTC program and another 900 in the tie breaking shootoff). This was the first time in the history of the Grand that they named co-champs in a championship event. Their record for the longest shootoff in the history of the ATA still stands*

*Foster won the 2011 Preliminary Handicap Championship with the lone 100x100 from the 27 yard line*

*Foster was the 2004 Grand Clay Target Champion Jr. Runner up.*

*Foster has won the Winchester Super 500 Singles at the Grand in 2008 and 2009*

*Foster lands in 14th place on the ATA High Average Doubles list with a .9754*

*Foster’s 16 yard singles average is .9947  for the 2019 shooting year*

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